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 Sand Village Jutsus

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PostSubject: Sand Village Jutsus   Thu Jan 31, 2008 4:01 pm

Sand Wave Jutsu- Medium sized sand wave with potential to only push a person back. ( Genin)
Sand Earthquake Jutsu- Jutsu that shakes a ground made of sand and causes the foe to disappear into it causing instant death, takes two post first post he opens it. Second closes it.(Kage/ Sannin).
Ultra Sand Wave Jutsu-Bigger sand wave and can topple over building. (Jounin)
Beast Sand Wave-Must have sand manipulation to control this sand wave which can topple over even the most most protected structures.(Kage/Sannin + Sand Manipulation)
Sand Wall- A simple sand wall that can block only small punches kicks and kunai and shuriken.(Genin)
Sand Clone Jutsu-A solid sand clone that can attack.(Genin)
Multi Sand Clone Jutsu- same as ^ except more clones and more chakra needed.(Chuunin)
Sand Twister Jutsu- You rotate sand in a cyclone shaped funnel super fast making your opponent get thrown off by a long distance and from a very high distance in the air causing big injuries.(Jounin)
Ultimate Sand Fissure- A huge fissure opens up from the ground to send people or things fall down in. Will kill instantly. (Kage/Sannin+ Sand Manipulation)
Small Quicksand Jutsu- A small sandbox sized quicksand area keeps your opponent halfway in the ground. Very easy to escape if you squirm a bit. (Genin)

Will be more to come.
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Sand Village Jutsus
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