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 Karasu Toorima

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PostSubject: Karasu Toorima   Wed Jun 11, 2008 8:04 pm

Name: Karasu Toorima (Kara)
Age: 14
Gender: Female
Village: Sunagakure (Village Hidden in the Sand)
History/Bio: Kara Toorima was born on a normal day under very normal conditions. So normal, in fact, that her parents were afraid that she was going to be a very boring child. Kara grew like any other child in her small Clan home within the large walls of Sunagakure. Kara’s parents weren’t blessed with being large branch members of her clan and their ninja talents were mediocre at best, but Kara seemed to pick up the schooling easily and she found it easy to memorize the lessons well and apply them to her everyday life.
Kara was left alone when her parents died suddenly of a mysterious disease and she was raised in the large branch family by her Grandfather, who took over her ninja training from very young and demanded that she no longer call him Grandpa, but Sensei. Sensei taught her many techniques that were very hard to learn, but with her bloodline limit she was able to persevere. Sensei was also a sentimental old fool. The man thought that he would be able to control her, since he had raised her from young childhood to the age of 13, but Kara wasn’t so fond of being controlled and she fought back with clever quips and taunts of her own.
When it was time for Kara to start public training she found life at the academy fairly difficult. Her social life consisted of many acquaintances, but few friends, and she found that many of the village scorned her Clan because of its inability to keep hold of what they held most dear. She excelled in bookwork and Ninjutsu, but struggled slightly with Taijutsu. Kara practiced strenuously, but only after training till she was exhausted and ready to give up did she perfect the techniques.
Kara knew that she had only tapped a small amount of her potential and was looking forward to the techniques she would learn when she became older and a higher ranking ninja.


Status ( on a scale from 1-10, eventually your status will increase and change from 1-10 to 10-20) only one stat can be high like 9-10 so you would hav to lower the attack or tools to ether 7 or 8, sry

Attack: 8
Defence: 8
Chakra: 10
Speed: 7
Resist: 8
Tools: 7
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PostSubject: Re: Karasu Toorima   Thu Jun 12, 2008 8:13 pm


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Karasu Toorima
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