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 Jirochu Uchiha

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Jirochu Uchiha


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PostSubject: Jirochu Uchiha   Sun Jun 08, 2008 10:23 am

Name: Jirochu Uchiha




Ninja Rank:Jounin


Looks: *looks like avatar, but has a katana that glows yellow when charged with lightning*


Personality: Friendly and can get along with others easily. however will not take anything from anyone when assaulted or mad (good)

Special Characteristics:Demon Seal of the dog, yellow chakra:when the nations were at war the negative energy from the evil side and the posative energy from the good meet and it stayed there for three days and then a big explosion then the demon was born and the hokage at the time sealed it in a baby that was just born.

Skills/Specialties: Main: Ninjutsu Sub: Taijutsu

Jutsus:Oodama Rasengan
Description:Oodama Rasengan is an advanced Ninjutsu technique developed by Uzumaki Naruto. This larger Rasengan uses a Kage Bunshin to form a more powerful version of the technique.

Multi Shadow Clone Jutsu
Description:Tajuu Kage Bunshin no Jutsu is an advanced variation of the Kage Bunshin Ninjutsu technique which was banned by the First Hokage. This has not stopped many Jounin-level ninja from learning the technique however. Instead of creating several clones, several hundred clones are created. Like normal Kage Bunshin a ninja's chakra is split evenly among the clones when created.The clones themself can utilize any jutsu the original ninja knows. When the clones finally disperse, any new knowledge they have gained is passed back to the original ninja and to any additional clones. This makes Tajuu Kage Bunshin an excellent training method if the ninja has the chakra capacity and stamina to maintain the Kage Bunshins for an extended period of time. This allows the ninja to essentially reduce the time it takes to train and learn with each clone added. With the great number of clones in Tajuu Kage Bunshin, the ninja can effectively learn in a few weeks with a hundred clones what would take one ninja numerous years.

Shadow Clone Jutsu
Description:Kage Bunshin is a Jounin level Ninjutsu technique. When Naruto stole the scroll of seals, he learned this technique as well. The normal Bunshin technique creates a copy of the ninja that lacks any substance. The Kage Bunshin distributes the ninja's chakra evenly among the clones and creates a real copy with form and substance. The clone itself can also utilize any jutsu the original ninja knows. When the clone finally disperses, any new knowledge it has gained is passed back to the original ninja and any additional clones. This makes Kage Bunshin an excellent training method if the ninja has the chakra capacity and stamina to maintain the Kage Bunshins for an extended period of time. This allows the ninja to essentially reduce the time it takes to train and learn with each clone added. This is especially true when used with Tajuu Kage Bunshin.

Description:Rasengan was a ninjutsu technique developed over the span of three years by the Fourth Hokage. The technique was taught to his sensei Jiraiya, who then passed it on to the young ninja Naruto years later. Like Kage Bunshin, Naruto would adopt the technique as a signature move and make it all his own. The technique is unlike other jutsu in that it does not require any handseals, it just relied on the ninja's ability to mold chakra. The ninja concentrates a contained, fast, rotating sphere of chakra in the palm of their hand which can cause much destructive impact.

Chidori - Thousand Birds-Chidori (a.k.a. Raikiri) is a Ninjutsu technique developed by Hatake Kakashi utilizing the Lightning Element. Chidori allows him to cut through any foe. Later, Uchiha Sasuke used his Sharingan and the training of Kakashi to also learn the technique. It was given the nickname Raikiri after it was said Kakashi used the technique to cut a lightning bolt in two. Chidori is used for assassination purposes. Activating the body to focus chakra to the hand, Kakashi and Sasuke's hand become enveloped by an electrical force. This force is their chakra altered in nature to an electrical current. By altering the shape of the force, similar to an electrical discharge, they can decide the power and range of the attack.

Description:Sharingan is the blood inheritance limit of the Uchiha Clan. The Uchiha are said to be descendants of the Hyuuga, with the Byakugan changing into the Sharingan over time. This doujutsu (eye skill) gives one the ability to read Genjutsu, Taijutsu and Ninjutsu and then defeat it. As such, the clan member can view a technique being performed and almost instantly memorize the movements required to be able to complete it, including the needed chakra moldings and seals used. However the clan member cannot copy techniques that are unique to another bloodline and the clan member must have a body capable of meeting the chakra and physical requirements to do the jutsu. This rarely stops the clan member though, as such stressful situations often push their limits farther and allow them to harness their full potential.

Fire Style: Swamp of Oil This jutsu turns the surrounding area into a giant pit of oil. Highly EXPLOSIVE

Mangekyo Sharingan: Amaterasu Dragon: This attack uses the flames from Araterasu and forms them into a dragon. Then the attack is launched at an enemy.

Mangekyou Sharingan
Description:Sharingan is the blood inheritance limit of the Uchiha Clan. The Mangekyou Sharingan is a legendary doujutsu ability which has only emerged in a few clan members in its history. There is still mystery surrounding the eye and the Uchiha clan itself. Each user develops their own unique looking Mangekyou. The requirements for gaining the Mangekyou are very controversial in nature. After Uchiha Itachi murdered his best friend Shisui he gained Mangekyou. He told his younger brother Sasuke that to gain the Mangekyou, he too would have to kill his closest friend. Itachi told Sasuke that a scroll in their clan shrine revealed the true original purpose of the clan doujutsu. This scroll and Itachi himself revealed that the former leader of their clan, Uchiha Madara and his younger brother were the first to obtain Mangekyou. Madara himself did this by killing his friend, it's assumed his brother also killed a close comrade.

Mangekyou "Implosion" Technique
Description:This doujutsu is a Ninjutsu technique which uses the Mangekyou Sharingan eye to generate an imploding transportation vortex. To begin Kakashi forms a handseal to change his normal three tomoe Sharingan into a new Mangekyou form. He then focuses on an area of his target. The surrounding area will then warp and collapse in on itself, quickly reducing the surrounding area to nothingness. The technique will transport the focused area away to another location. The technique caused a huge strain on Kakashi, utilizing a great deal of chakra. He was able to use the technique twice in succession and then revert back to three tomoe. It is unknown how many times he could use it before total exertion.

Mangekyo Sharingan: Amaterasu: The jet-black flames are said to be hotter that the sun,and will burn for seven days and nights.

Zukokku - Head Mincing Pain: Zukokku is a Ninjutsu. After releasing the Fire elemental from his body, Kousei will command the entity to release a large flaming mass from its mouth. This mass will quickly spread along the ground and race towards its target, burning anything in its path.

Karyuu Endan - Fire Dragon Flame Projectile: Karyuu Endan is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Fire Element. The ninja does a string of hand seals and the proceeds to blow a large jet of fire from their mouth.

Haisekishou - Burning Ash Accumulation: Katon: Haisekishou is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Fire Element. After forming the needed handseals, Kousei will expel an ash from his mouth. This large cloud begin to envelope his foe and when Kousei clicks his teeth, the cloud will ignite in an explosion.

Gouryuuka no Jutsu - Great Dragon Fire Technique: Katon: Gouryuuka no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Fire Element. After forming the needed hand seals, the ninja will expel dragon head fireballs at their opponent. These powerful fireballs can punch through concrete. Kousei is able to spew multiple dragon fireballs for a more powerful area of effect attack

Goukakyuu no Jutsu - Great Fireball Technique: Katon: Goukakyuu no Jutsu is a Ninjutsu technique utilizing the Fire Element. The ninja does the necessary hand seals, draws chakra from their mouth into their chest and them immediately exhales it. They then blow a stream of fire which erupts into a large sphere of flames. To better manage the flames the ninja will bring their hand to their mouth to control it.

Elemental swords- brings forth 2 swords one of lightning and one of Fire, these swords can be molded into any shape but the standard form is a demon wind shuriken

Lightning Dance- Summons an artificial bolt of lighting to serve as any weapon or attack. (attack becomes stronger with real lightning) Lightning Prison Jutsu- Lightning surrounds the victim incasing them in a ball, if the victim touches the prison, they will be shocked and thrown back creating a pinball effect.

Fire Monkey bomb- Summons a fireball that transforms into monkeys, initiating a suicide strike on the target.

Summioning jutsu:summions wolfs to help jirochu in a fight.

Fire hailstorm- the user summons gigantic balls of fire that fall from the sky.

lightning blitz- lightning surrounds the user, increasing their speed to the speed of light and shocking anything they touch, but decreases their power.

Kamanari (Kekei Genkai)- allows the caster to manipulate lightning, making lightining style attacks twice as powerful and enables some serious lightning style attacks including

Lightning swords (changes arms into swords of energy) and Lightning Stab (attacks a body part paralyzing it, if the attack hits the throat the victim cannot breath and when they try their throat throbs in immense pain)

lightning gaze (the user stares at the target, summoning lightning bolts that strike around the target, in order to confuse and distract them, then finally srikes the target head on with 10,000 volts of lightning)

Lightning vortex (calls a twister of pure electrical energy) changes eyes like sharingan

Raikon- channels the Demons energy into an extremely powerful ball

Chakra Burst- Builds up chakra to an insane amount and enables the user to become stronger, faster, and the chakra surrounds the user making an almost indestructible shield. however, it has the same side affect of the 8 gates.

TaijutsuName: Sutansu no Tora, the Tiger Stance: Description: Tiger Stance is used for the most efficient attacks. It centers around dealing large quantities of damage very quickly to the maximum number of opponents. When in this stance, the user spreads their feet fairly far apart and bends their knees. This enables them to move quickly in short arcs and radiuses. Arms are held with their elbows at the user's sides, wrists out to each side, with palms up and fingers extended like claws. The user must maintain chakra in their hands and thighs. Tiger Stance has has excellent slashes and radial attacks, good speed and grapples, poor defense and limited range. Constant motion means that Tiger Stance hardly ever uses kicks.

Name: Sutansu no Kame, the Tortoise Stance: Description: Tortoise Stance is used for superb defensive capabilities. It centers around transferring, removing, and re-directing damage into the ground or the enemy. When in this stance, the user spreads their legs a little bit, keeping them slightly bent. Then they jump up, and drive their ankles into the ground a few inches. This makes it nearly impossible for them to move or be moved. One arm is kept at the user's side, ready to punch, and the other is held above the user's head. Hands are closed to minimize the chance of injury to the fingers. Chakra is concentrated in the user's legs, abs, and torso. Tortoise Stance has excellent blocks, good recovery and regeneration, good grapples, and limited movement and range. The user cannot kick because their feet are stuck in the ground.

History/Background Story: Jirochu Grew up with his parents in the cloud country, their father was the founder of the Sharingan and their mother was a runaway of the Uchiha clan. one day while the brothers were out playing their parents were murdered by the shirogane clan when they refused to go with them, the brothers had been seperated for a time and when they saw their dead parents they accused to other brother of the murder. Once Jirochu ran away, he was founded by a leaf jonin. he was raised there most of his life untill he reached the age of 18, at the time he had become a Sannin. One day, while he was taking a walk, a few missing nin attacked a small and secreted part of the village. Jirochu realized their power and strived to become better. About a year after this, Jirochu had learned to control his demon rather well. he was sent on a mission to investigate some strange occurrences at the cloud village, it was their he saw his brother destroying the village and was once again jealous of all the power he didnt have, especially from his brother. when Ookami was done with the village, Jirochu attacked him and they had a massive battle. the battle had ended with a raikon Vs. raikon clash. After this the brothers discovered the real culprit to their parents death and went on a blood rage to destroy the shirogane clan. Jirochu, unlike his brother, uses the Uchiha clans abilities more than him, because he hates the Shirogane clan. Jirochu has been know to go wherever he pleases, but his official residence is on the borders of the leaf village.
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PostSubject: Re: Jirochu Uchiha   Sun Jun 08, 2008 12:16 pm

ok approved but take the jonin test ok
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Jirochu Uchiha
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