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 Firefox's collection of poems

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PostSubject: Firefox's collection of poems   Sat Mar 22, 2008 10:05 am

Comment if you want to:
Some Girl

Some girl I saw
Walking in the streets

Looked like a poor girl
or a poor soul at the least

Ripped pants,torn shirt
Shredded jacket,cut shoes

These items she wore told her place in time
As I stood there writing this little rhyme
River of Tears(I never really liked this one, kinda just thought of it actually)

The River of Tears
A very down place

A very down place
Full of sorrow and greed

Every tear that's been shred
Every tear that's been cried out

Falls into one river
The River of Tears

It squiggles it squirms
It crackles it cracks

Beauty a glow
Setting fires below

It swindles it swerves
It twitches it curves

Fire in the clouds
Sending rain to melt it down

Lightning is just this:
A random dark abyss
Dark Abyss(add-on of Lightning, I didn't personally like the idea but many did so I did it)

Remember how I told
Lightning is a dark abyss

Well no one quite knows
Why it wants to be like this

Just a little bit of rain
In a few little clouds

Causes it to be dark like this
In a random dark abyss
Outside Winter World

The outside winter world
It's a wonder to behold

With it's snow-banked sidewalks
And it's snow-capped trees

It's no sign of wildlife
And it's clear white sky

It looks like time has stopped
With beauty all around us

All the way around us
In the beautiful outside winter world

That's it for now I will be adding more later
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Firefox's collection of poems
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